What’s “sawvih”?

“sawvih” is one of Japanese unique cafe in Kamakura.

We provide some drinks and sweets with Koji or Miso on based. 

“sawvih : Sōbi” means equip, beauty, or flower in Japanese.


 sawvih's logo image

Koji’s flower.


store front view

bar counter

Koji comes with coffee, fruit juice, or something like just “cafe style drinks” or “Koji sweets”. There are no strong smells, tastes, or stimulates.

Then, you will know how Koji works on.


Buttered apple

“Hot Buttered-Apple with Koji”


Also you may take a rest here

backyard photo








Aspergillus oryzae, called “Koji:kōji” in Japanese, is a filamentous fungus (a mold) used in Chinese and other East Asian cuisines to ferment soybeans for making soy sauce and fermented bean paste, and also to saccharify rice, other grains, and potatoes in the making of alcoholic beverages such as huangjiu, sake, makgeolli, and shōchū. The domestication of A. oryzae occurred at least 2000 years ago. (

Koji image photo

In these days, Japanese people used to call Koji only for the “Aspergillus-oryzae on steamed rice”, and made a new KANJI “糀” for named them. Koji is using for some Sake, Miso, Soy-sause, Ama-sake or Japanese Pickles for ferment and UMAMI taste.



“sawvih” the Koji store.

You may try Koji in 3 ways@sawvih, follows


-衣- Clothing : Koji Work Wear 

-食- Food : Koji Sweets, Koji Drinks, Miso

-住- Living : Koji Workshop



Work wear for Koji-making

work wear shot


Drinks and sweets

Koji drink with Koji sweets


Koji-Drink Workshop

Koji workshop tools





5-6-1 Jomyoji, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan, 248-0003



Turn right on the corner of Alpha Betti Cafe

Alpha Betti Cafe road view


Turn left on Orange sign

way to sawvih vol.1


You will see blue house, then turn right and keep going till the end of the road.

way to sawvih vol.2


When you have any questions, you may call in English 046-737-5188 or text here

Let me know what your plans in Kamakura.

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